Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Make my day (and justify the 2000 Nader vote)

The prospect of Joe Lieberman as vice-presidential candidate once again but for the OTHER party this time is simultaneously repugnant and hilarious and demonstrates the vast weight of the shadow government of military contractors and their shills and the revolving door of cash known as Washington, D.C. Lieberman came back from his primary defeat two years ago to win as an independent because the locals in Connecticut knew he was good at ‘delivering’, meaning that he had figured out the legalized bribery system and made sure the lucrative military contracts kept pouring into the state. Plenty of people admitted to reporters at the time that Lamont really represented their views more accurately, but Lieberman knew how to ladle in the bacon—oops, sorry, the kosher frankfurters.

So all those people who thought ol’ Joe was a shameless warmonger but voted for him anyway out of pocketbook prostitution can now enjoy the spectacle of him ripping down the veil of the uniparty system, turning his Janus-like head now this way, now that, but retaining the essentials throughout—devotion to warfare-based loot.

I saw the polls today and got as depressed as was warranted by the idea of McCain winning, but now I’m almost resigned to it. If the people want to renew the pact guaranteeing their own demise, who am I to object? No one can say the choices aren’t clear enough or their implications, moral and political, in the least muddy.

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