Friday, 20 August 2010

Horrible, Horribler, Horriblest

We knew state senate president Pedro Espada, Jr., is a hilarious sleazebag ($20,000 worth of sushi on Bronx’s Soundview health clinic’s tab, etc.), but some hustlers have enough style to spread the money around.

Espada, however, is such a guttersnipe that he even stiffs his tradesmen. The Village Voice has a truly amazing tale, even for the most cynical New Yorkers, of how Espada ordered a bunch of fancy, hand-sewn suits from hard-working artisans and then didn’t pay for them.

The tailors sued Espada, who then argued that the goods were damaged and that he had sent them back, which he hadn’t. He then appeared on TV wearing them.

The good news: Espada’s primary challenger, Gustavo Rivera, is tied with him in the polls with 35 percent undecided because they haven’t heard the news. So spread it around especially if you have any friends in the Bronx.

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Anonymous said...

Shouldn't the politicians and the parties work for the people instead of the other way around, as now? Perhaps we need a new political party, a people's party, and a candidate who has a track record as a community activist. What do you think?