Monday, 1 November 2010

Vote! . . . while you can!

As Joan Rivers says, the great thing about anal sex is you can do your ironing or answer your e-mail on your Blackberry.

This year, you can also vote because no matter where you put your X, you will also feel very clearly that you are getting a certain kind of massage at the same time.

Far from me to criticize, I guess a lot of people like it, more than you would think.

As for the choices in the voting booth, I have nothing much to add after Marc Cooper and Robert Kuttner channeled my inner thoughts one by one. I concur that tomorrow is going to be a massacre with the only bright side being that the feckless Democrats richly deserve the shellacking for failing to seize a historic moment that comes around once in a generation.

Imagine what we could be rallying about if they had stood up to the banks, done the right thing on Guantánamo, abolished Don’t Ask and actually done half the things they say they believe in.

But that would be a parallel universe, and instead we have to live in this one where people pour into the streets to promote . . . sanity.

How lame.

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