Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Exit of Tweedledee. . . or is it Tweedledum? [Updated]

Joseph Lieberman, loyal servant of the ruling elite, has announced he will retire from the Senate next year, prompting questions about whether the Democrats can ‘retain’ his seat. Almost funny enough to laugh at—this from the guy who stood up at the Republican National Convention to mock the Democrats’ candidate and join the cheers for Sarah (Blood Libel Victim) Palin.

There’s a hilarious leak from someone—probably Lieberman himself—suggesting that he opposed the public option in the 2009 health care bill because all those mean liberals who tried to oust him the year before were in favor of it. If true, Lieberman is an adolescent sociopath capable of toying with the well-being of millions to feed his fragile ego. But it presumes that Holy Joe needs an excuse to side with the wealthy and the Hartford insurance companies. Please display the evidence—I see none.

The entire person of Lieberman reminds us of the grotesque complicity of the Democrats in the worst abuses of the Greed and Opulence Party, a sorry fact of our lives that Obama continues to remind us of with relentlessly depressing regularity. We believe ourselves free of European-style social class, and yet our system imitates an ancient feudal caste structure: the vastly rich (Republicans) scoop up the principal goodies and permit an underclass of permanent careerists (Democrats) to carry out their wishes and apply discipline to the unruly lower orders.

Juan Cole has a good summary of Lieberman’s loathsome legacy. We forget that Lieberman helped Bush promote further religious infiltration of public education, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the guy who snatched the election of 2000 from him, to push god onto defenseless children under the guise of ‘faith-based social programs’.

Cole’s picture gallery is a gauntlet of disgust: Lieberman and Cheney, Lieberman and Chalabi, Lieberman, J., with Liberman, A., the racist Israeli foreign minister—there’s no limit to the guy’s taste in thugs. Can’t wait for the hosannahs of praise for his years of ‘public service’ soon to follow.

[update]: Speech from a snake in human form (Lieberman on MSNBC yesterday re Saddam and weapons): ‘[Saddam] was also, the evidence shows, beginning really tactically to support the terrorist movements that had attacked us on 9/11 [complete, cynical, conscious falsehood]. . . So, yes, I think it [the conquest] was the right thing to do. Terrible cost we paid in life and treasure, but ultimately I think the right decision’.

Note that no Iraqis paid any price for this marvelous outcome, only ‘we’ did.

This humanoid imitation is beneath contempt.

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