Saturday, 4 June 2011

DoJ pursues Edwards, forgives Yoo

Which is worse? Funneling campaign money to your secret floozy to keep the news of your love-child out of the news? Or torturing people?

The Obama Justice Department has shown itself quite zealous in putting the screws to a political nobody who came dangerously close to making Sarah Palin vice president. (Imagine if his sexual peccadilloes had emerged after he had become the nominee.) He is a thoughtless, irresponsible, narcissistic human being as fully outlined and described in excruciating detail by his former top aide, Andrew Young, in The Politician.

That said, I find it morally loathsome that the Justice Department should dash after this guy with a felony indictment when it is itself criminally eager, on the express order of President Obama, to ‘put the past behind us’ on the systematic torture regime created by the Bush-era criminals. It says something, had we need of further proof, about who the real enemies of this White House are: liberal Democrats who stray out of line.

Torturers and their ilk are okay.

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