Saturday, 3 September 2011

The DNC discovers bad manners

Let’s do a recollection experiment: when the Tea Party burst onto the scene to denounce Obama’s health insurance reform in 2009, how many times did we hear their Republican enablers chide or attack them as impolite, rude, obnoxious, rowdy, threatening, counter-productive, screamers, or media-hounds—all of which terms could reasonably have fit on a number of occasions?

Someone could do an Internet search of the coverage, but I’m pretty confident we would find that the GOP pols benefiting from tea-bagger rage to undermine Obama stayed mum about their bad behavior. Now check out this report from Iowa about how local Democratic Party stalwarts promptly trashed the only people out raising hell about the threats to Social Security by attending a Chuck Grassley town hall meeting and getting in his face.

‘It’s unfortunate that they continue to mistake screaming for persuasion and embarrass themselves in this manner’, party Chairwoman Sue Dvorsky said in a statement released Wednesday.

‘They need to focus on getting results and not on getting on TV’, Sam Roecker, communications director for the state Democratic Party, told The Huffington Post.

Aside from the obvious retort that ‘getting on TV’ is fully equivalent to ‘getting results’ in this TV-driven political day and age, it’s curious that the state Dem poobahs in Iowa seem so much more exercised by displays of populist rage than by Republican attacks on our well-being. But then again, that makes perfect sense given that their boss, Barack Obama, is part and parcel of the assault.

As the campaign season moves into higher gear later this year, the chattering classes will focus on the mud flying in the battle for the GOP nomination. But this more significant story will occupy only the sidebars if it gets told at all: the ferocious campaign by the Democratic machine to squelch effective dissent against the multifaceted Obama sellout—even when said dissent is not even directed at him.

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