Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Deep bows, then proceed

A young lady wearing a campaign button came up to me at a Union Square park bench this weekend and asked me if I supported President Obama. She was probably charged with fund-raising for the campaign or perhaps to sign up volunteers for the trips out to the Pennsylvania and New Jersey districts that might matter in November. (New York, a safely blue state, won’t.)

I responded that although I had actively worked for the aforementioned in 2008, I had no particular interest in the outcome of the vote this year. She seemed rather taken aback by that statement, so I added, ‘I see it as a choice between Wall Street A and Wall Street B’. I didn’t and don’t really want to hear other people’s opinions on that topic, so I didn’t give her a chance to answer and left.

I hope to have many more opportunities to refuse to take sides in this kabuki election. As the ballot is secret, I don’t have to say what I will do once inside the booth or even if I know.

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