Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Obama getting exactly what he deserves on leaks

It’s just great to see the McCains and the Grassleys and the Lindsey Grahams slaughtering the Obama Administration over the constant leaks showing how tough and hands-on the prez is when it comes to disrupting the Iranian nuclear industry and assassinating undesirables. These are the juicy details pouring out of the government at the same time as the Obama team is seeking to put away Bradley Manning for life because he told on them.

As Glenn Greenwald has documented exhaustively, our current leaders have a grotesque double standard when it comes to unfriendly leakers and whistleblowers, whom they persecute mercilessly despite Obama’s lies campaign promises about transparency, and friendly ones, i.e. themselves spilling all kinds of confidential stuff about what a swinging dick the boss is. This was supposed to attract super-patriotic cheers, which it has from the Republican reactionaries like Peter King, who thinks it’s great that Obama ignores his base and further dismantles the rule of law.

Unfortunately, the security state doesn’t like Obama anyway, and they’re going to crush him. (The man just refuses to believe he isn’t invited to be part of their club.) The constant leaks from inside have provided a nice homerun ball to the Romney campaign and its surrogates, and I for will enjoy watching them hit it out of the park. Did he think he’s get a reward for letting the Bush-era criminals off the hook?

The announcement by Holder that there would be an internal investigation may not be enough to quiet the howling wolves. The whole story should percolate along right into the shank of the election season.

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