Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Christie goes national -- where no one knows him

RNC keynote speaker Chris Christie of New Jersey is not only a huge windbag from the Jersey shore, he’s also a total phony. If hypocrisy were measured in BMI, he’s be breaking the scales.

As demonstrated last night in his prime-time blusterfest, Christie loves to show off his tough-guy attitudes toward government spending, especially when dealing with dangerous public enemies like schoolteachers. He also wrecked the plans for a new Hudson River tunnel that could have alleviated the congestion that plagues his suburban commuters’ lives.

But when it comes to dishing out tax money to wealthy developers for tacky eyesores like the Meadowlands shopping center (once called Xanadu, now named American Dream@Meadowlands--oh, stop!), Christie suddenly becomes a soft touch. This should surprise us exactly how?

New Jersey has already spent $1 billion on this white elephant, and Christie eagerly ponied up another $200 million while posturing as Tony Soprano shaking down Miss Cartwright for her pension in front of a roomful of first-graders.

The American Dream project will benefit the Canada-based Ghermazian family and will feature an indoor ski slope—surely just what New Jerseyites need to take their minds off facing retirement on a diet of cat food.

It should also come as no surprise that Christie supported the tunnel project while running for governor before smashing it once he got into office. (His opponent was Wall Street crook Jon Corzine.) But commuters sitting in their cars all those extra hours might not take kindly to a second term for the fat guy, so it’s a smart move to start building his campaign for 2016 at Romney’s expense. Hey, it’s all about climbing up the weakest guy’s face on your way to the top.

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Anonymous said...

The blustiest since Phinias T !