Monday, 29 October 2012

What, me worry?

Here’s a new drinking game we can play: while watching the newscasts and the breathless statements from political leaders, whenever someone discusses the causes of the storm without mentioning global warming, down a vodka shot! You’ll be having a private storm surge over the toilet bowl well before the next high tide.

I see some entirely appropriate, mid-hurricane twitting of the Ryan budget plan that calls for federal emergency spending to be cut to shreds along with Social Security and Medicaid. But there is nothing from anyone, including our stalwart liberals, about Obama’s shameful silence on the most crucial environmental issue of our or probably any time in human history. Instead, the two bobble-heads compete over who will make the U.S. ‘energy self-sufficient’ first as if that were a laudable goal. Come on, even the Saudis are trying to develop wind and solar power for the day when they’ll have no stores of liquid gold.

When future generations—if there are any—look back on this period, they will shake their deformed heads in awestruck wonder at the capacity of their biped forebears to ignore the evidence before their eyes about an imminent threat. They also will curse us for what we left them.

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