Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A paranoid fantasy

Within 24 hours of an incident like the marathon bombing, a former CIA guy tells The Guardian, it will be labeled an ‘intelligence failure’. That sounds true enough although it conveniently doesn’t address the Bushites’ massive refusal to notice bin Laden while they salivated over Saddam Hussein in 2001.

But there’s another, more chilling quote from Bruce Riedel, now at the Brookings Institute:

We are going to see this again, and we are going to ask ourselves: how did we fail? But before you ask that question, how are you going to boil the 10,000 people you interview down to that one case, and how are you going to deal with the 500 false positives?

Well, dictators and police states have always had an answer to that: round up the full 10,000, just in case you might have missed an enemy. Would the rest of the safety-obsessed population object? Would it matter if they did?

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