Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Whoa, Nellie, shut down more schools & hospitals!

Mayor Bloomberg announced $20 billion worth of work on flood-proofing the city yesterday, another tax on our futures that will come out of our pockets instead of the fossil fuels industries’.

All the whining about paying taxes from our Tea Party birdbrains and other feathered friends doesn’t take into account the vast spending that will start to be or already is needed to keep us from floating down the boulevards in the next few years. Bloomberg’s plans include a new neighborhood called Seaport City built on the East River in lower Manhattan, 20-foot flood walls along the south shore of Staten Island, a surge barrier between Queens and Brooklyn, and New Orleans-style levees all over town.

I guess we won’t be hearing much talk about how dumb those people in NOLA are to keep living in a place they should have enough sense to get out of.

The Daily News said that new FEMA maps produced post-Sandy show 500 million square feet of buildings housing 400,000 people now added to official danger zones. But many prosperous white people live in those areas, so you can bet the money will be spent.

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