Monday, 29 July 2013

Why we need Spitzer

Here’s a good reason to ignore perfectly nice Scott Stringer in the contest to become New York City Comptroller, a sort of inspector general office: Stringer has just announced that he will create, if elected a ‘Sandy Tracker’, some sort of entity that will expose fraudulent use of federal hurricane aid dollars.

Fair enough, Scotty boy, we need to make sure no one scams FEMA out of a few thousand. But the Comptroller’s office oversees billions in city pension funds. I notice you’re not setting your sights on the vast fee-scamming practiced by Wall Street that extracts cash from hard-working average citizens. No wonder the Democratic establishment is desperately trying to make sure you win and Eliot Spitzer doesn’t. They’ll be delighted to watch you haul in a few losers while the real hustlers in private equity chuckle in their yachts.

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