Thursday, 8 August 2013

The racism that dare not speak its name

You can see your career dissolve before your eyes with the use of a certain word starting with N, which I hear several times a day on the subway—but I digress—and yet other blatant forms of racist b.s. get a free pass.

We woke up today to news that the Jackie Robinson statue in the Rockaways was defaced by a neo-nazi. Live reports from that scene were detailed, repetitive and full of indignant vox-pops. It’s not nice to write racist messages on the monument to a human rights icon.

Meanwhile, Ramarley Graham’s parents learned, also yesterday, that the cops who followed their teenaged son into his house and upstairs to the bathroom where they shot him dead will not face charges. The grand jury that reheard the case—after some dubious ‘technical’ disqualification of the original manslaughter charge, and refused to reindict them.

One again, murdering thugs in uniforms get off because their victims are black kids. But don’t dare say that we live in a racist city.

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