Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Political trial against Occupy notches first scapegoat

In a city where cops can march into a kid’s home and gun him down in front of his grandmother without facing charges, an Occupy protester has now been convicted of assaulting a police officer based on a grainy video and could face seven years in prison. [above, dangerous criminal McMillan talks to her lawyer]

Jurors weren’t allowed to hear that the officer who claimed Cecily McMillan assaulted him has a long history of accusations of violence against civilians and is also implicated in the mass ticket-fixing scandal involving cops illegally taking care of their friends.

The details of the case will be debated just as they were in the courtroom, but this is a political, not a criminal prosecution. Plenty of people got hurt in the Occupy incidents, but when a college student gets pursued for a serious felony while no cops are disciplined, we get the message: do not resist us.

Obama and his team, while they pander to the interests of the 1%, pretend openness to dissident voices, but either authorized or stood by watching the multi-city, militarized crushing of the Occupy encampments. The McMillan prosecution is the follow-up chapter. It’s fine for them if Ukrainians mobilize to resist theft and corruption—not Americans.

Just in case we had lingering doubts, the judge refused McMillan bail and remanded her to Rikers Island.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, apparently the judge made a number of decisions during the trial that were prejudicial to the defendant's case. Hopefully, an appeal may be possible. Then, we can hope the defendant has grounds to sue the city for malicious prosecution - to make a point of all this.