Tuesday, 5 August 2014

NYPD union chiefs deny chokehold death

Here's the line-up of the guys who lead the police union called the Patrolman's Benevolent Association. Pretty inspiring sight, no? in a city that is over half non-white.

This is the crew defending their "fellow" officers that we're supposed to believe is not a race-based occupying force. Simply note the color scheme in the above photo. Hello? Whatever the Daily News says about color-blindness in its (very welcome) campaign against police abuses, it is simply not true that the existence of a few Hispanic and black cops on the beat means that racism is dead. This picture is worth a half million words by way of explaining how things really work here. If their abuses don't stop, something is going to spark a major shitstorm one of these days, and these mooks will be the first to celebrate and say, See? We have to crack down.

It's our local version of the Israeli approach to coexistence.

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