Sunday, 22 June 2008


There I was, bridal bouquet in my demurely folded hands, ready to say, ‘Yes, we can!’ and what does my beloved do but reach down and pluck off those two overrated but nonetheless essential matching thingies and drop them onto the offering plate at George Bush’s church.

You expect the Horrible Party to subvert the Constitution, torture defenseless prisoners and start wars so that they can have all the power and all the money. But the Obama campaign was supposed to be about something, um, let’s see. . . . different?

So now he’s signed onto the phony FISA repeal ‘compromise’ legalizing international email and telephone spying and thereby enabled not only impunity for the telecom companies but the full dismantling of the Fourth Amendment. I expected to be disappointed in wedlock, but not left at the altar.

Maybe Barack’s idea is that he, rather than the Bushoids, is going to spy responsibly. How reassuring. Now, all our conversations can be hoarded by state espionage agents, and any laws that might govern their use become toilet paper.

When Republicans controlled Congress, they tried to get an amnesty for the telecoms through Congress and couldn’t do it. That required the people’s champions, Pelosi and Hoyer, to take over.

Maybe the heat Obama is getting for this unseemly buckle will push his campaign into a fallback position. Lapdog Democrats will perhaps raise some pious Cain about the impunity provision while bemoaning the strength of the Republican-conservative Democrat coalition pushing this travesty through Congress.

Curious how the minority Republicans, on the other hand, always manage to block whatever they really hate by simply utilizing the minority veto through the filibuster and other parliamentary tricks.

When the sitting president is a worldwide joke, his party gets trounced in off-year elections and the country is seething with resentment, there is just no excuse or explanation for a congressional surrender on civil liberties.

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