Tuesday, 3 June 2008


George Bush and Hillary Clinton have one thing in common: they decide what reality is and function based on the assumptions contained therein. It’s not merely communicational sleight-of-hand in which one puts the best face on things to win points, but rather chronic political autism.

In Bush’s case, he’s the star of his own war movie, and no actual events on the ground in Iraq will budge him from playing out every last reel of it. The rest of us are trapped in this Warholian art-house nightmare of his mind, which lasts forever and has about as much plot as ‘Blow Job’ (while managing to be less entertaining).

Hillary could almost be pardoned for her bogus, last-ditch play for the Michigan delegation if it were just a political game that she didn’t really take seriously, but her non-concession speech Tuesday night shows that the Clintons live in a air-tight basement with the windows blacked out. She rehashed all her arguments and refused to glance over at the evening news crawl giving her opponent an absolute majority of the delegate votes.

David Gergen on CNN compared Hillary’s performance to the Nixon Checkers speech, down to the appeal to her supporters to flood her campaign office with pleas for her to stay on. He stuck around too, even after being booted out of the presidency.

What a missed chance for Clinton to show some graciousness in defeat, support the ticket and give a powerful boost to the compelling speech Obama went on to deliver in Minneapolis to 18,000 supporters. That would have contributed to a Democratic victory and to the causes Clinton says are her only motive for going forward. Instead, she did her best to undermine him still insisting that she actually won and now has to claim her triumph.

It’s true because Hillary Clinton says it is. And American troops are bringing peace and democracy to Iraq.

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Major Strong said...

Good content in all but the last line with its obvious sarcasm. As one of those troops that has helped to bring peace and democracy to Iraq, I would recommend you go for a visit yourself. It is indeed way different than when I was there in 04-05 and will be even better when I return in 09. As Fareed Zakaria has noted, whether we choose to realize it or not, we are actually in one of the longest periods of global peace we have seen. Most of the Middle East is experiencing extraordinary change as we have isolated the "bad guys" in one place. Iraq is continuing to march toward a better future and I cannot wait to return with my children to meet my Iraqi brothers and sisters, rather than have them serve in uniform. Anyway, thanks for the support. Glad Obama won - Ranger Ranger