Tuesday, 21 October 2008

God Bless America!

So now, thanks to the Associated Press, we know what the Arctic Lady means when she talks about being ‘pro-America.’ Or how she manages to raise five children and have a high-pressure career.

She gets the state to pay for it. Kind of odd given her distaste for ‘socialism.’

Or maybe it isn’t socialism when L’Alaska, c’est moi.

How else are we to understand this self-righteous bag of snark as she parades around the country whining about taxes and poor, suffering Joe the Plumber while simultaneously dipping into the public treasury to subsidize her daughters’ travel and their stays in fancy hotels on ‘official business’ everywhere from Philadelphia to Fairbanks.

Good thing Palin was uninterested in foreign affairs after all! Otherwise, Willow and Bristol would have turned up with Mom at the Kazakstan Grand Hotel and the Royal Glacial Arms in Tierra del Fuego.

After all, if the state didn’t blink at paying Palin $17,000 in per diem expenses for her to stay in her suburban home instead of doing her job in the state capital at Juneau, why not spring for plane tickets to Moscow to introduce the girls to Putin’s grandchildren as well?

This, finally, is the face of the Republican Party of today: a staggering troupe of political vampires rehashing the tropes of the last 40 years while using the public trust to scoop up cash with both mitts.

What a disgrace.

Would it be too much to ask that the televised blather-class take this screaming hypocrisy and wrap it around Palin’s carcass for the next two weeks, every time she or her increasingly despicable running mate mention the words ‘taxes’, ‘greed’ or ‘corruption’?

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