Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Only the numbers are in doubt

I can now crow about being right in late September when I stated that the ground was crumbling beneath the feet of the Republican candidate. Of course, that was before the shocks from Wall Street and the overall sense of uncertainty and fear—NOT related to terrorism—that seized the entire country. Nonetheless, I believe the shift had already occurred, and it surprises me to hear worried reports from friends and acquaintances that Obama may yet be kept from the White House and that we will not celebrate at long last.

No, he won’t. Yes, we will.

The only issue in doubt is whether the victory will be modest, whether a sea of underpopulated red states will make the map look fairly evenly split; or the decisive shift to the Democrats and the Obamanian vision will accelerate into a crushing humiliation.

Given the trainwreck of the McCain campaign and the ongoing debacle of the Sarah Palin experiment—who has confirmed all our worst suspicions of her incompetence and shown her snarky, nasty side to boot—I tilt toward the latter prognosis.

Florida is now a solidly blue state in the polling maps. (Florida!) Colorado too. North Dakota, Montana and even Georgia are in play. Missouri is about to tilt aquamarine. Virginia looks to be in the bag, and North Carolina follows closely behind. West Virginia’s polling line, with McCain on top and Obama below, now looks like a flying arrow heading eastward, about to converge at the tip.

Will the race tighten again? Will there be a ‘Bradley effect’? Will McCain find his footing in the last debate? Will Sarah Palin speak in tongues?

Who gives a shit? Only the appearance of Jesus Christ in fiery robes could save the flailing, arrogant McCain’s sorry behind at this point . . . if then. The two of them are about to say adios to history, and I hope they suffer a lot.

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