Wednesday, 22 September 2010

No joy in ‘I told you so’

I am quite disturbed to say that my post last week on madman gubernatorial candidate Carl Palladino here in New York was far more prescient than I hoped. Today’s Daily News poll show this openly racist nut only 6 points behind Andrew Cuomo to preside over our fragile lives from Albany.

And this in liberal New York. Fox News must be doing a great job of providing the story line for the seething white masses whose desire to slap down the pols is clearly bubbling over.

Meanwhile, Obama had the nerve to call upon us to ‘wake up’ at his little too-little-too-late rally in Ohio. What have we been telling his stone-deaf team for a year?

Yves Smith nails it in her highly illuminating blog column, Naked Capitalism.

‘Past Presidents whose policies rankled special interests, such as Roosevelt, Johnson and Reagan, were tenacious and not ruffled by noise. Obama, by contrast, announces bold-sounding initiatives—and any real change will break eggs and alienate some parties—but then retreats. So he creates opponents yet fails to deliver for his allies’.

And just in case anyone thinks I am being unduly alarmist, here is one of the notorious videos Palladino circulated to his yuk-yuk buddies.

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