Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Please disappear forever

One sign that people in our city have not completely lost their minds just yet is the crushing defeat of the unspeakably loathsome Pedro Espada, Jr., the state senate majority leader [sic].

His concession remarks were characteristically evil-minded and included a gratuitous slap at unions (this from a Democrat representing one of the poorest neighborhoods in the city--in which he does not live, preferring the tony suburbs of Westchester).

Espada blamed the new voting machines for confusing the elderly and reducing his vote totals. The guy should apply for a slot writing for Jon Stewart given that his opponent beat him by 35 points. Espada also railed against 'outsiders', ironic given that he pulled in tons of campaign cash from Manhattan real estate developers.

The removal of the poster child of Albany dysfunction gives us a glimmer of hope, but given the disappointments of the national stage, one dare not breathe sighs of relief too deeply. Nonetheless, just not having to look at this thug's face counts for a lot.

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