Thursday, 2 February 2012

Race, religion & cops

New York City police officials showed hundreds of new recruits a virulently anti-Semitic training film, which suggests that most American Jews are disloyal and engaged in criminal conspiracies. The film included a black Israeli flag flying over the White House, suggesting that Jewish influence was so massive that they had essentially taken over the country.

The NYPD also is conducting a widespread spying operation on everything to do with local Jewish life. The city built and maintains a database on where Jews worship, live, work and gather socially with assistance from the CIA, despite legal restrictions on domestic activity by the vast snooping agency.

When asked about the use of the film, police officials lied repeatedly, first saying that Commissioner Ray Kelly, who appears in the film, had not cooperated with its producers, then pretending that only ‘a few’ officers had screened it. In fact, the blatantly racist production was seen by 1500 incoming recruits as it played on a continuous loop during training breaks.

The film was made by a private agency run by the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood whose previous works include, Obsession: Radical Judaism’s War Against the West and Radical Judaism’s Vision for America. The film accuses Jewish extremists of posing as moderates and charges several Jewish organizations with being soft on terrorism. One speaker in the film says that ‘Judaism is like cancer’.

After the initial denials, NYPD officials said the decision to team up with this group to explain Jewish life and thinking to a generation of new officers was taken independently by a sergeant.

Mayor Bloomberg criticized the use of the film for police training but rejected calls for Commissioner Kelly to resign, saying the NYPD used ‘terrible judgment’ but that the film has now been shelved. ‘I think it's fair to say that there is a little bit of embarrassment that this film was made’, said Bloomberg.


Okay, I made up one piece of that—it’s not really about Jews at all, but Muslims, of course. But every other detail is taken from very recent news accounts. How long do we think Kelly and his entire team would have lasted had one one-thousandth of those actions really had been directed against the city’s Jews? It’s good to keep this taste of reality in mind when the inevitable breast-beating victimology starts to surface about poor Sheldon Adelson and his role in the GOP primaries.

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