Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Who is planting the bombs?

Far be it from me to engage in an exercise in cynicism, tee hee, but the Iranian mullahs should take a lesson from Vladimir Putin and blame the recent explosion in New Delhi on the Mossad. Why not? Who really benefits from this attack? Putin says every time a hostile journalist is assassinated in Russia. It’s a great opportunity to gang up on my government and accuse me with no evidence.

In fact, the bombing of an Israeli diplomat in India fits Tel Aviv’s interests quite nicely. After all, Indian leaders just announced that they would merrily break the U.S.-led boycott of Iran’s economy and take advantage of the ‘business opportunities’ it offers. A terrorist attack on diplomats within India could screw that up, which is a good reason even crazy-ass mullahs wouldn’t be likely to do it.

U.S. reporters, currently engaged in the usual slavish stenography when it comes to war fevers emanating from the Beltway, won’t look too closely at evidence but instead trumpet Israeli accusations. Nor has there been any interest in hearing what Indian forensic investigators have to say even though, as we C.S.I. viewers know, the obvious culprit is often exonerated by the second commercial break.

It’s depressing to see how the American public is still gullible enough to swallow a concerted propaganda effort in the name of their sacred Security, even after the Iraqi debacle and the steady erosion of the rule of law post-9/11. We simply replace Condi’s ‘mushroom cloud’ with Leon Panetta’s, alter a single letter in the name of the offending country (Iraq/Iran) and voila, a war is born.

And will someone please explain why Obama is going to be able to reverse the tide after feeding into the Israeli-sponsored paranoia about Iran’s designs on our well-being? As per his usual habit, Obama has acted feebly toward the Israeli bullies, backed off immediately when confronted, and reaped their inevitable scorn for being both unreliable and weak. As we head into a hard-fought election campaign, Israel’s leadership will be in our driver’s seat even should the opposing nominee be a total wackjob. They obviously want to go to war with Iran—do you?

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