Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Sauce for the goose

I’m waiting for the howls of outrage ratchet up over the Chinese cybersnooping and stealing of secrets on U.S. weapons systems. So far at least, I haven’t noticed any indignant claims that such behavior is against the rules or merits shock, shock. That’s probably because the U.S. and in particular its Israeli ally have been bragging about their successes in doing the very same thing. Or at least they were until recently.

Perhaps the triumphalism over messing up Iran’s nuclear capabilities will wear thin as the Pentagon guys and their prosperous commercial partners in the war industries realize how vulnerable they are themselves. It’s a good reminder that new war weapons and strategies, such as drone assassination campaigns, sound pretty cool when one has a monopoly on them but become not nearly so much fun when everyone else can unleash a similar weapon.

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