Thursday, 21 November 2013

Cops, bankers, shills

According a city gossip column, our-soon-to-be-dismissed-and-not-to-be-missed police chief, Ray Kelly, could be going to work for Henry Kissinger.

What a marvelous blast of clarity into what Kelly has been about for the last decade, turning black and Hispanic youth into automatic criminals, backing up his trigger-happy officers who ‘accidentally’ shoot them and presiding over a mini-CIA in the department that collects detailed information on who goes to what mosque. Now he gets to graduate to providing muscle to our very own resident war criminal.

Not only that, but the elites have such contempt for the rest of us poor slobs that they don’t even hide how they’ve rigged things to suit themselves. After popping in to visit Dr. Strangelove, Kelly was feted at a dinner party by Tina Brown, no less, the queen of periodical destruction. Get a load of the guest list as reported by Page Six:

Among those who thanked Kelly for his service to the city were CNN boss Jeff Zucker, former schools chancellor Joel Klein, “Nightline” co-anchor Cynthia McFadden, financier Don Marron and Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen with Pat Duff.

[Photo: funeral of Ramarley Graham, unarmed teen shot to death in his bathroom by NYPD]

The glimpse of the wink-wink alliance among the security state (Kelly, Kissinger), high finance (Marron, ex-CEO of Paine Webber) and the propaganda apparatus (Brown, Murdoch toady Klein, McFadden and ‘white guys with black wives EWW’ Cohen) is classic. As Gawker put it in response, can you imagine a room where you’d rather not be?

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