Monday, 25 November 2013

Neocons mourn loss of new war ops

A lengthy New Yorker piece published September 30 related how the U.S. and Iran began secretly to cooperate militarily after 9/11 because al-Qaeda was their common enemy. Iran actually borders Afghanistan, and the al-Q Sunni fanatics consider Shiites (like the Iranians) to be apostates. So, as the story describes in detail, Iranian operatives meeting with Americans secretly in Switzerland, provided usable military intelligence to the Bush Administration to facilitate the U.S. attack.

But that all collapsed when neocon chicken hawks like Cheney and Wolfowitz got Bush to insert the ‘axis of evil’ line in his State of the Union speech. They indulged themselves in the infantile fantasy that invading countries all over the globe was pretty much like a board game that you can win without getting out of your jammies. Iraq came first, of course, but they openly boasted that once that mission was done, Iran was going to be next. ‘Real men go to Teheran’ was their yuk-yuk slogan.

You have to wonder what planet these acne-plagued boys live on to treat warmaking like a big game using other people’s children and possessions. But somehow they got the whole country to go along with it, and now they’re howling with grief over the Kerry-Rouhani deal that just might defuse the ongoing pointless confrontation that serves only the short-term interest of the nuttiest faction among the Israeli elites.

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Anonymous said...

Let's hope that this treaty makes it through the Senate. With senators like New York's Chuck Schumer voicing early skepticism, it sounds as if it may be a tight squeeze. Perhaps all of us who see the treaty as a good step toward peace (not to mention that it would raise the international prestige of the U.S.) should contact their senators.