Monday, 25 February 2008

Hillary as veteran

Who is this ‘experienced’ Hillary person anyway when it comes to foreign policy? I keep asking myself where in her constant references to ‘35 years of public service’ did Clinton have anything to do with diplomacy? Has she played any role in making war or peace except applauding George Bush’s dumb plans and then criticizing him for carrying them out badly? Let’s wait until he bombs Iran to see if she’s consistent on that score.

Or are we to include her role standing by while president Bill carried out foreign policy? If those 35 years are supposed to include her stint as first wife, it strikes me as not exactly an endorsement and hardly a feminist triumph either.

Clinton’s been in the Senate eight years to Obama’s two, and before that they’ve had checkered careers, which in neither case includes foreign service or ambassadorships (the Wal-Mart board of directors doesn’t count). I don’t see much of anything related to national security or foreign policy issues in the C.V.s of either one of them.

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