Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Independence Day

None of the Serbs objecting to Kosovan independence seem to be particularly concerned about the fact that Serbian irregulars recently marauded through the country slaughtering people at the tail-end of the Balkan genocide(s) of the 1990s. You’d think the perpetrators might have some slight sense of comprehension or even responsibility for the victims’ desire to be rid of their racist neighbors once and for all after an experience like that. But you’d be wrong.

No doubt the Serbs dismiss those reports as NATO lies given that paranoid victimhood is a typical biped posture, especially after crimes against humanity.

Meanwhile, the ecstatic Kosovars might have exercised more prudence than provocatively waving the American flag alongside their new one during their celebrations, despite their understandable gratitude about the military intervention that saved their skins. Setting yourself up as a forward pawn in a battle between the big guys is tricky business and certainly doesn’t encourage the sort of long-term co-existence that you’d hope for if the people who live there are ever to get past tribalism and forge prosperous states.

A former diplomat interviewed on TV predicted renewed bloodshed within two years. By that time, Russia and the U.S. may have any number of burning desires, and the well-being of its tiny allies du jour may not be one of them.

It’s nice to see people joyous over their freedom and feeling liberated from the oppressor’s yoke. I hope it lasts.

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