Monday, 4 February 2008

Sign me up

All sentient beings know that the New York Giants staged a stunning upset Sunday night in which our favorite modest and slightly goofy quarterback totally kept his cool, broke free of four tacklers and launched two impossible but successful forward passes, the latter ending in the end zone for a true Cinderella triumph.

I don’t pay much attention to these spectacles, but it was delightful to see the unexpected happen in the last few weeks as the lowly Giants picked themselves up from a bad season start, reshuffled their ranks and gelled as a team based on some sort of rookie enthusiasm and lack of awareness that they couldn’t do it.

Dare this be an omen of things to come?

Barack Obama was not my first choice, and I still find him an unknown quantity. He could be a disaster as president though at this point, who cares? Worse isn’t in the dictionary. His policy formulations may be a little fluffy, and his experience limited (which counts as a plus these days in any case, given the hoarier examples). But we know—oh, do we know—that the others who paint prettier pictures will promptly burn them in the fireplace once they become inconvenient. Ergo, it matters not.

Curmudgeonly skepticism aside, Barack clearly sets people on fire, especially including people who arrived on earth three decades after I did. God knows we need something fresh and new, and Obama’s what the kids want. I’m down with that.

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