Saturday, 29 March 2008


James Carville’s claim that Bill Richardson is a ‘Judas’ for endorsing Obama over Madame H implies that either she or Bill is a modern-day Jesus Christ. Now, would that be because they preach turning the other cheek or because they have no interest in the things of this world?

Perhaps Clinton (B) has forgotten the Judas kisses he handed out right and left whenever any of his appointees irked the reactionaries, like Joycelyn Elders who dared to say that teenagers masturbate. Or his total cave-in on gay and lesbian military service after he rode their support into the White House. That one was right on the lips.

It is curious that when both teams are trying to show how basically decent and nice they are while slamming daggers into the ribs of the adversary that Carville, a long-time Clinton enforcer, stands by his insult and insists it wasn’t a slip. Why? One possible reason is to signal the level of retribution that is being cooked up for those who dare to abandon the Clinton ship as it slowly descends into its own murky waters.

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