Sunday, 9 March 2008

Torture, yet again

Almost unnoticed amidst the noise from the two Democratic campaigns, Bush has once again announced to the world that the United States of America will torture anyone it damn pleases, thank you very much. You’d think that would generate some chit-chat among the talk shows, but maybe it’s news that’s too old and repetitive.

The justification, need we repeat, is that ‘ticking time-bomb’ scenario in which a threat to American life and limb might be staved off if we were permitted to tie someone down and torture the shit out of him (or her). Under that logic, the North Vietnamese were certainly within their rights in torturing John McCain to see if he had any news on the next air sortie being readied to drop more bombs on their civilians.

No doubt debates like that took place in the North Vietnamese ruling circles at the time, and those favoring less brutality were chastized as being softie wimps who didn’t really care about their country and its people.

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