Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Constitutional shoot-out

I wonder how the newly activist justices of the Supreme Court will handle tussles like the one brewing at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport over interpretation of its recent ruling on Second Amendment rights. The battle promises to be most edifying and wondrous to behold given the contradictory tendencies emerging from the right-wingers balancing gun-love and the GWOT.

Of all places you’d think Dick Cheney’s fellas would favor keeping firearms illegal, it’s airports. After all, fearful terrorists roam them eager to attack us because, as W has explained, they hate freedom. However, one freedom they probably wouldn’t hate at all is the freedom to pack metal outside of American Airlines ticket counters.

And irony of ironies, a Georgia gun rights group has filed suit to permit this practice. I can hardly wait for the arguments with TSA personnel to break out while an unknown percentage of irate travelers are legally carrying concealed firearms. Some clammy opposable biped thumbs may well have to be pried off a few barrels soon afterward—too bad Charlton Heston won’t be around to lead the chants.

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