Saturday, 26 July 2008

Gaffes and goofballs

Before Obama’s world tour, stimulated by McCain’s twitting about who had made more trips to Iraq and who knew the dangerous outside world better, all the buzz was about whether Obama would make a major error, stumble on the tarmac or forget which country he was in. That didn’t happen, and the candidate looked masterful, smooth and knowledgeable.

So now the buzz has changed. Since he didn’t make any goofs, does that make him prematurely presidential? Does he look arrogant? Does his rock-star status in Germany hurt with him Middle America? Does anyone care about getting foreign leaders’ names right when gas is $4.00 a gallon?

Our chattering classes really have no shame and are desperately hoping the race doesn’t turn into a rout too soon so that they can milk the horse race for another four months. To this end they seem to be propping up the cadaverous McCain and ignoring the evidence that his campaign is heading for the toilet. If Obama crushes him in November, will anyone remember how wrong they were?

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