Monday, 14 July 2008

Response to The New Yorker

John McCain cariacatured as a WWI ace pilot flying over Iranian oil fields with mad grin, muffler flapping in the breeze. Slim Pickens in bomb bay saddling up nuke graffitied ‘Jesus Saves’. Pin-up of Dick Cheney in Speedo taped to control panel. Steinbergian Middle East map below showing oil derricks in foreground of Shatt al-Arab, Kuwait, Saudi-land, distant background of a random pyramid, Alp, ‘Europe’ legend, oceans, orthodox Jews in prayer garb perched on strip of Israeli beach clawing additional nukes, eyes fixed on Messiah (not Jesus) emerging from clouds. Toilet roll in back cabin, leaves marked ‘Article I, Article II . . .’ Buchenwald-type stacks of corpses on Persian Gulf shores. Cindy McCain as lobbyist tart doing titty-bumps with balloonish, Monopoly-card oil barons.

All in good fun!

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