Monday, 22 September 2008

Blame for the Medicine

Okay, I’m trying to keep up here. As best as I can see, these are the issues for the week to come:

What are the devilish details of the Paulson bail-out? Are we going to give yet another blank check of unimaginable size to these screw-ups? Given the Democrats’ consistent buckling on the issue of funding for the Iraq war, the answer is probably yes. Intimidating them with the threat of blame for any consequences of a delay should work quite easily.

How will it play politically? The McCain-Palin duoply, in true demagogic fashion, surely will feel restrained by no responsibility to the nation when they see the chance to rally the troops to resent the bailout as a huge government program funded by a megatax. Will they then shoehorn responsibility for the debacle onto the opposition party? Why wouldn’t they?

Ergo, two problems, one financial, one political. If Obama navigates his way through this minefield, he’s a double genius.

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