Saturday, 13 September 2008

The Crumble—early signs

The danger of turning the presidential election into Palin v. Obama was that if Miss Alaska implodes, the disaster ahead for the Repubs will be far worse than the dignified defeat they were looking at two weeks ago. One hesitates to predict anything this year given the nonstop surprises, but enough creaks can be heard already to suggest that the ice holding up the Arctic Lady may be about to develop some serious crevasses.

I particularly like this from Bloomberg that the McCain campaign has invented crowd-size numbers out of whole cloth. So maybe the massive turnouts to see the wondrous, teleprompter-reading Sarah P are a hoax. How droll.

Or there’s this revelation in Saturday’s Washington Post that Supermom’s study tour to Ireland—a key state in complex international political issues, in case you didn’t know—was actually an airport layover. (I’m not making this up.) Ditto her ‘trip’ to Iraq, which apparently was a quick stop at a Kuwait military base. Oh well, those Ay-rab countries all look alike.

Pile these juicy teasers onto the baldfaced lies about the Bridge, the earmark fantasy, the steady leaks about her unlovely leadership style, unanswered Troopergate questions and who knows what all else that we can’t even imagine yet, and I dare to wonder if we are not about to witness a cataclysmic meltdown. I plan to call it The Garden of Earthly Delights. Heironymus Bosch hell will be nothing to the pain McCain will suffer if he comes to regret his two-week wonder.

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