Sunday, 28 September 2008

The sniff test

At times like these everyone’s an expert, and I am guilty as charged by the mere fact of running this public exercise in narcissism. Having said that to deflect criticism of pulling the following out of my behind, I boldly predict, guess at and prognosticate the following:

Obama has now established himself as presidential, whatever that has come to mean in the minds of my fellow bipeds. The balance of uneasiness between him as a non-white, relatively unknown guy with a Muslim-sounding name and the far deeper uneasiness produced by the governing screw-ups has shifted decisively against the latter and towards the skinny guy.

Upcoming polls will reflect the loosening of the rock and debris underneath the fragile Republican apparatus, and this will occur even before the world-historic humiliation of Sarah Palin next week. She should insist Biden appear in a swimsuit to at least win in one category. Wall Street’s tsunami will pale before the mountainous wave of laughter to greet this hubristic monument to misjudgment.

Thus do I stick out my neck. I promise not to erase this post if proved wrong and forced to rediscover humility.

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