Thursday, 11 September 2008

One year of Biped Twilight

As I just finished the New York Century 100-mile bicycle ride, this week marks the end of the first year of this blog. Very few people have made comments here, and please don’t be offended when I say I am glad. Those few responses have been thoughtful. But I have seen how many blogs fill up with endless harangues that are as tiresome as a barstool argument among drunks as well as occasionally slanderous and vile. Which is not to say that I wouldn’t read them if they appeared here. However, as it stands I don’t have to. Good.

If I felt more energetic, perhaps I would make some attempts to attract a wider readership, come what may. For personal reasons that is not in the cards right now. Nonetheless, it seems an appropriate moment at this one-year mark to ask who out there is reading what I have to say. I know some and I suspect most of you personally, and you kindly offer your reactions and comments in emails and telephone calls.

However, just for fun I would like to ask of those of you who visit this site regularly or from time to time to write me an email at the account associated with this blog ( and tell me something about why—a tiny little unscientific poll of those of you tuning in to Biped Twilight.

As for the Century ride, it was stunning once again: the winds and rains of Tropical Storm Hanna had blown out to the Atlantic, and the air was fresh and autumnal. My friend John and I lost the trail at one point and added five or six miles to our route, but we still pulled into the Harlem finish line at 5.30, a half-hour before closing time. My knees were wobbly on the subway stairs for two days afterward; otherwise, all body parts survived intact. Can’t wait to do it again next year.

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