Friday, 12 September 2008

Postings for Sarah

Harold Meyerson in the Washington Post says Palin might be just the pick to take over the failing Lehman Brothers investment house. She doesn’t have experience in finance, but she can talk to investors about dressing a moose and take their minds off the millions of dollars they’re losing.

That brings up some other ideas for places the Alaska governor could make her unique mark. How about president of General Motors, which is about one chest-hair from going down the tubes? I’ll bet car buyers everywhere would be turned around pretty quickly if they knew Sarah was up there deciding on the next line of Cobalts and shaking up the Detroit bureaucracy. Who cares if she thinks global warming is God’s will?

Another possible slot for Mrs Palin is Secretary-General of the UN. While she doesn’t seem to know anything about foreign countries, she’d have plenty of seasoned advisors there to help her out while catching up. And if there’s one thing people all over the world have in common, it’s raising children—just where Sarah’s experience trumps all the other conceivable candidates.

If that’s too much of a leap for someone not in the UN system, maybe she could start out as head of UNESCO. After all, she attended a half-dozen colleges and probably a few high schools too if anyone could find the records. That right there gives her an insight into varieties of educational experience.

Maybe even that would be a stretch, so I suggest we start thinking about some prep work as president of Princeton or Yale. She might not know much about academic research or professional training, but she sure knows how to shoot down those prissy liberal elites, probably even without a teleprompter.

So I’m fairly relaxed about the outcome of the election. Even if she doesn’t manage to become vice president, the country, the world for that matter, has plenty of places for a deserving, down-home mom to step in and take over. And they all provide child care.

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