Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Scurrying rats

My God, what a repulsive little worm Scott McClellan is, selling books about how Bush bamboozled the public on Iraq and other topics—thanks to HIM, as said lying was being seconded by McClellan himself as the chief b.s. peddler at the White House’s noon follies. But get ready, these are the kinds of people who are going to be given a platform as serious commentators in coming years, the same ones who were fully complicit in all the crimes and now need public repentance to save their souls and, not incidentally, their careers.

It’s amazing how the people who saw through the lies at the time are marginalized as the parade of those complicit with the phony foreign conquest and now backpedalling furiously grows ever larger. But ‘twas ever thus. The pack mentality rampant among the news media at the time is too embarassing to face squarely, so what better way to handle the continuing debacle than to showcase people who claim to have been ‘taken in’, ‘fooled’ or other euphemisms for spinelessness, opportunism and stupidity.

No doubt McClellan will piss off some die-hard Republicans and never get a job shilling for the tobacco companies or Exxon. But he’ll do fine in the Beltway hothouse pontificating on issues of the day as a ‘political analyst’ or media affairs commentator. After all, who better to parse the ongoing and necessary cover-up of how we got to our current disastrous state than someone directly responsible for it?

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