Monday, 5 May 2008

Pander bears

Madame Clinton favors bringing down the price of gas because she is desperately emitting such huge clouds of it that her underfinanced campaign may go broke on the excise tax alone. The Clinton duoply continues to set records for discovering every last scrap of short-term, instant-grat self-interest on the part of the beaten-down white underclass to pander to them while promising all the people they screwed while in office that they will stand up and defend them if they could just, please, pretty please, be allowed back in again. Ha ha.

It wasn’t enough for HC to peddle the whopper throughout the rust belt that she was unenthusiastic about NAFTA, which loyal hubby personally triangulated through Congress while she grinned her frozen grin. Obama could and should have crushed her with that gross hypocrisy instead of allowing himself to be railroaded into looking as though he were the inconsistent one on trade. Now we have the ridiculous woman standing by gas pumps and promising single-handedly to roll back the world market, a veritable Caligula on a white horse challenging the sea to demonstrate her ineffable godhead.

Despite my ever-sinking opinion of bipeds, I have managed to retain some remnant of sympathy for their suffering. But if people buy this vast load of horseshit, then they deserve to grovel through another four or eight years of abuse, led either by the Robotic Pair or, as is entirely likely were she to snatch the nomination, the ghostly, ghastly McCain. My position will be based, in the spirit of this latest display, on blatant self-interest while watching everyone else piss off up a rope.

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