Monday, 26 May 2008

Pandora for President

The Hill shills are busy telling us that we’re making a mountain out of a molehill while her campaign blames the whole A-word dust-up on. . . Obama! because his people have sent out copies of harsh criticism by Keith Olberman and others. Paul Krugman, another Clinton loyalist, whines in today’s New York Times that poor Hillary’s campaign has been hit with one unfair news cycle after another. Boo hoo hoo, it’s so sad.

But whoa! turns out the A-word is now getting further jokey play from none other than the incomparable Fox ‘News’ channel. Reporter Liz Trotta, interviewed by Eric Shawn on that vile toilet-seat of a television station actually said the following:

‘And now we have what some are reading as a suggestion that somebody knock off Osama—uh, Obama. Well, both, if we could!

She actually said that. Hear it yourself on YouTube:

Then the horrible woman laughed, and Shawn joined the fun: ‘Let’s talk about how you really feel!’ After enjoying a good chuckle, they then proceeded to discuss the Clinton reference and political murder.

This is why Hillary Clinton no longer deserves to be taken seriously by any decent human being. By her either ill-advised or sinister remark, she has unleashed serious, public contemplation of the whacking of her adversary.

She is no longer cute. She is no longer irritating. She is no longer a daffy policy nerd. She is no longer the Energizer bunny. She is no longer a tough fighter/sore loser.

She is dangerous.

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