Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Clinton Death Rattle

Could Hillary Clinton now pretend to be more electable in November than her opponent, having successfully narrowed her electoral base to elderly white people?

To get elected president as a Democrat in 2008, you need solid backing from African-Americans, independents and motivated youth. Hillary’s demographic base, after having slammed Obama for the last three months in insulting terms while husband Bill courts the bubba vote, is now reduced to one virtually identical to McCain’s. In the choice between a Republican and another Republican, voters would have little reason not to choose a Republican.

Personally, I hope she sticks around despite the seismic shift in sentiment back to the Obama movement. If she persists in the destructive game played up to now, she will pound into dust whatever credibility and respect she retains and forever eliminate the Clinton curse from the Democratic Party and, not incidentally, our consciousness.

For that alone, North Carolina is today a land of heroes.

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