Monday, 19 May 2008

Mine, mine, mine

There’s really no reason to bother dismantling Madame Hillary’s latest whiny cortortions about why Obama cannot and should not be the nominee. But I’m going to do it anyway because it might relieve me of the desire to smack this annoying woman.

In her latest silly appearance before the white people in Kentucky, Hillary said Obama’s caucus victories in places like Utah and Alaska should matter less in the final outcome because those states aren’t competitive for the Democrats in November. Anyone ‘who’s analyzing this’ would conclude likewise, she said smugly.

By the same logic, Clinton’s victories in Massachusetts, California and New York should be discounted as well since those states are locked up for any Democratic candidate.

She also dismissed the massive turnout at his Oregon rally as unimportant compared to his refusal to have a 19th debate with her over things like flag lapel pins and who loves America more. She dismissed the 75,000 people who came to hear him with the nasty crack that Obama would ‘rather just talk to giant crowds than have questions asked.’ So those people are just ignoramuses and should have stayed home to watch her on TV.

After all the generous recognition of her stamina and relentlessness by many observers, including the guy came from nowhere to shellack her, what a puling, puny-spirited, ‘poor me’, sore-loser display. If Obama pulls out enthusiastic supporters, that doesn’t matter because inspiration is nothing next to . . . what exactly? If he wins caucus states because he out-organizes her, that’s meaningless because the popular vote is the key (even though she was supposed to be the queen of insider party politics). If he wins the popular vote, the totals from Michigan—where she cheated—have to be included.

I’m glad Clinton keeps at it though because it reminds people of how obsessively focused she is on self-promotion at the expense of any and all other considerations. The rest of us worried about the criminals in power can move on to more serious matters.

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