Thursday, 8 May 2008

Cuckoo, Cuckoo! & Fun-Loving Vito

The interminable presidential nomination process has moved from seesaw to Ferris wheel and now to funhouse hall of mirrors in a bizarre endgame. Hillary Clinton must live in a parallel universe if she thinks she can simultaneously emit tasteless racial comments like her reference today to ‘white Americans, hard-working Americans’ and also pose for a spot on the Obama ticket—surely the weirdest suggestion heard yet. If she’s serious, the woman is so out of touch as to provoke fear for her sanity. We know the clock is ticking, but I didn’t think it was a full-fledged cuckoo.

Update on Vito [see ‘Lawyers to the Rear’ below] So now it turns out that not only did our Staten Island congressman blow a .17 on his alcoholemia test, he was also out partying with the mistress the whole time. Not to mention the 3-year-old daughter Vito Fossella now admits he had with her while racking up an 81% ‘pro-family’ voting record for the Christian Coalition. Maybe that’s what he was thinking about when he began his original obfuscatory statement, issued to deaden the impact of the DUI charge, with the line ‘As a parent. . .’

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