Saturday, 24 May 2008

It's 3 a.m. -- is anyone safe?

Hillary’s ready to take that 3 a.m. phone call all right—let’s just hope it’s not from a nut case with a hunting rifle asking her for directions.

The latest obscenity from this walking corpse shouldn’t surprise anyone who has seen her grasp at any argument, no matter how contradictory, unfair or insulting, that would help her claw her way into office. Issues come and issues go, but the real subject of Hillary Clinton’s campaign is herself in charge. She’s like a heroin addict in pursuit of another fix of power. So we shouldn’t be surprised if she steals her grandchildren’s comic book collection to obtain one.

The assassination-comment flap has obscured the many other recent dredgings of her decomposing campaign’s playbook. Like comparing her manipulation of the delegate seating process with Mugabe’s election-stealing or invoking the civil rights movement and black Americans’ fight for the right to vote without getting killed. Not to mention openly exulting over the fact that a lot of white people think Obama’s the wrong color.

It’s always revolting when a hyper-cautious, self-promoting politician recalls the principled courage of figures from the past who did things she wouldn’t have dreamed of imitating. Perhaps this acutely distasteful hint about the kinds of fantasies going through her mind will convince her die-hard enthusiasts to cut loose this disastrously unhealthy family for good.

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